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The system captures anything on your computer screen from PowerPoint slides to web pages to complex animations, as well as video from webcams and document cameras. The system is integrated with your campus Learning Management System (LMS) - Canvas making it easy to share as course materials.

Benefits & Features

Academic Video features: 

  • Full service 99% ADA compliant closed captioning completed by real people at VidGrid 

  • Edit videos in their library after it has been uploaded 

  • Add a “blur” effect in editing mode to hide unwanted areas 

  • Replace videos with updated versions without having to change the URL or embed code 

  • Resize or remove the video window even as you record 

  • Choose the area of the screen they want to capture 

  • Better manage permissions for specific groups 

Getting Started

VidGrid Overview 

 Learn how to record, edit, and share videos, including:

  • How to close caption
  • Blur items
  • Trim your video

This link also discusses ways to engage and interact with your audience as well as how to manage, track, and protect videos. 


Students, faculty and staff are eligible for this service.


Free for use as a University faculty, staff, or student



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