Sharing Content

Supported Content Formats


  • File Types: .png, .jpg, .pdf, .svg
  • Size: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Resolution: 72 or 96 dots/pixels per inch (DPI/PPI)


  • File Type: .mp4
  • Size: 720p or 1080p
  • Codec: H.264

Campus Playlists

Each campus has a playlist that is included with local content playlists. To view your campus playlist, please use the preview link below. For any questions about the content in your campus playlist, please contact your campus digital sign content coordinator.

Campus Digital Sign Coordinators

Digital Sign Users List

If you'd like to share your content with a specific area and would like to find out who manages the playlists for that area, you can check the NU Digital Sign Users spreadsheet.

UNL Content Library and Notifications

The following content library and sharing information applies to UNL only. For information on content sharing on other campuses, please reach out to the appropriate campus digital sign coordinator. Each individual college, department, or unit is responsible for their own playlist and may have their own rules and guidelines for what they display and for how long. It is up to their discretion what they include in their playlist.

To make your content available for other areas to include in their playlist, you must upload your content to the UNL Content Library in Sharepoint. If you need access to that folder, please reach out to the UNL digital sign coordinator. Create a folder within the Anytime Use folder or Events folder, depending on your communication campaign needs. If you are a sign manager and have Poppulo Harmony access, you can also upload your content to the UNL Content Library folder in Poppulo Harmony, but it needs to be in Sharepoint first, and others will only receive notifications if you've uploaded to Sharepoint (and they've opted into notifications).

Sharepoint enables you to setup email notifications for yourself on any folder, so you can be made aware when others upload content to that location. This feature, for those that opt in, serves as the notfication when others upload something to the UNL Content Library that you may want to include on your digital sign playlist. To enable notifications for yourself on the UNL Content Library, go to that location in Sharepoint. Click the three dots to the right of the menu bar above the folder list and select Alert Me.

Sharepoint notifications settings page

You can then select your own notfication options for the UNL Content Library folder in Sharepoint, including where the notifications are sent, which changes qualify for notifications, and when the notifications are sent. Select the options that work best for you. To change them later, come back and use the Manage my alerts menu option.

Sharepoint notifications settings page

The following areas also have webforms you need to use if you'd like that area to consider posting your digital sign content: