The University of Nebraska System works to minimize duplicative technologies and services to provide high-quality user experiences and to be good stewards of limited resources. Microsoft 365 is the core communication, collaboration, and productivity suite for use by faculty, staff, and students. Microsoft 365 is also used for file storage for users with OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Canvas is the core Learning Management System and YuJa is used for video content. 

While most use-cases fit well into the core service portfolio, ITS understands that there are services that require the use of other toolsets, such as Google Workspace. 

Benefits & Features

The following services and use-cases may be approved for limited-support within the University’s Google Workspace subscriptions. MEDIUM RISK DATA OR LOWER. Please note that Google Workspace services will involve subscription fees of $4 per month and not all Google Workspace services will be available for use. 

Getting Started

  • Analytics:  A web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. 

  • AppsScript:  A scripting engine that runs within Google Drive and can be used to develop services that leverage Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 

  • AppSheet:  A no-code application development solution that enables users to build mobile and web apps without coding. 

  • Bard:  An experimental conversational artificial intelligence tool, currently in limited preview. Not generally available, but it is open to applications to join the preview program. 

  • Cloud Search:  An enterprise search service to search across your content. 

  • Google Colab:  A service offered by Google Research that allows users to write and execute Python code in their web browsers. It is based on the Jupyter open-source project. 

  • TensorFlow:  An open-source machine learning platform. 

  • YouTube:  An online video sharing and social media platform. 


  • Academic collaborations with other organizations including other Higher Education and K-12 communities that leverage Google Workspace. 

  • Research projects where the granting agency requires the use of Google Workspace within their funded projects. 

  • Research projects where a collaborating institution requires the use of Google Workspace as their storage and collaboration platform. 


$4.00 per month per user

Additional Information

All data stored in the Google Environment must be low or medium risk data.