Affordable Access (OER) - Open Nebraska - UNK Learning Management

Course attributes allow students and their parents/guardians to see which NU courses use free or reduced-cost course materials at the time of registration so as to make well-informed choices. Course marking has the strong support of UNK, UNL and UNO Student Governments and Faculty Senates.

Benefits & Features

The cost of traditional textbooks has increased 88% in the last decade, so much so that 67% of students no longer can afford to buy required textbooks for their courses. As the COVID- 19 pandemic arrived in 2020, the University of Nebraska aimed to increase student affordability by supporting faculty in adopting free or reduced-cost digital course materials in their courses.

Collaborative efforts for utilizing Open Educational Resources (OER) and Inclusive First Day Access course material programs have saved NU students over $7M as of Spring 2022. Our goal is to save NU students $10M by 2023.

Getting Started

For Students - Searching for ONE courses

Students can search for courses when they go to register for Open Nebraska or ONE courses. This means the course will include no cost materials, low cost materials or a reduced cost materials 

Students choosing ONE courses who are taking a full course load can save up to $500 per semester. That's a potential savings of $4,000 over the course of the academic career.

  • No Cost Materials 
    • Course materials are included at no additional cost to the student. No book purchase is required.
  • Low Cost Materials 
    • Course materials for this course cost students less than $40.
  • Reduced Cost Materials
    • Course materials for this course cost students more than $40, but less than the original retail price.

For Faculty - Identifying your ONE course in CLSS

Using CLSS, be sure you include which option below applies to your course.  If you have questions, contact the person in your college department that does your scheduling.

  • No Cost Materials
    • KONE-NCM course attribute needed.  Initials and date.
  • Low-Cost Materials
    • KONE-LCM course attribute needed.  Initials and date.
  • Low-Cost eBook
    • KONE-RCM course attribute needed.  Initials and date.



Questions about your ONE course, contact a UNK ONE committee: Jane PetersenKim CarlsonRochelle ReevesEric Tenkorang, Martonia Gaskill, or  Don Ray.

If you need help identifying open textbooks for your class, contact your subject librarian or  Rochelle Reeves.