Device Security - Patch Management

Patch Management ensures that University endpoints are consistently running the latest approved versions of operating systems, security patches, and common third-party applications. Protecting devices from vulnerabilities and ensuring compatibility with services.

Getting Started

Endpoints enrolled in Patch Management proactively receive updates for Operating Systems and common third-party applications. This ensures University desktops, laptops, and mobile devices are consistently running the latest supported versions of software, are patched for OS security, and are compatible with commonly used applications and services.

  • Organizations that are directly supported by NU ITS are automatically enrolled.
  • Organizations that are not directly supported by NU ITS can be enrolled, by request of the local IT support and administration.

For detailed information about Patch Management Services, review the Learn More resources on OS Version Updates, OS Patch & Security Updates, and Third Party Application Updates.


University owned endpoints are eligible for this service.