Enterprise Endpoint Management Desktop and Mobile Device Support

Enterprise Endpoint Management provides software deployment, automation, and security services to all managed University endpoints. The result is a consistent end-user experience that improves collaboration and establishes preventative measures to protect University data and user privacy.

Benefits & Features

Enterprise Endpoint Management starts with a standard baseline that delivers the required components for a secure and productive system. The baseline meets all of the essential academic, research, and business operation needs at the University of Nebraska System. University organizations and users can expand the baseline configuration to suit individual needs. Additional software and system configurations can be installed using self-service tools or automated deployments. Local Workstation Support teams manage organizational expansions.

The Endpoint Baseline Includes

  • Essential Security and Productivity Software
  • Self Service App for Additional University Software
  • Routine Software Patching and Vulnerability Remediation
  • Role-Based Access to the University Network
  • Real-Time Malware & Antivirus Protection
  • Default Data Encryption
  • Appropriate Security Configurations to meet Specific Data Risk Requirements
  • Access to a Secure Off-Campus VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Getting Started

For more information contact your IT Support representative.


There is no cost for Enterprise Endpoint Management services.


Enterprise Endpoint Management is available at any location with an internet connection.


Submit a ticket to the ITS Help Desk via support@nebraska.edu